Main Events Organised by Marlborough Tennis Club

Club Championships
Summer League
Winter League
Tuesday Social Tennis
Saturday Social Tennis
Bennett Cup

Weekly Tennis Activity


MONDAY:   College Coaching 4.30pm to 6pm (Summer only)

 Seniors play after 6pm

TUESDAY:   Social Tennis 9am to 12noon (all year round)

 Presidents Grade 6pm (Summer only)

WEDNESDAY:   Premier Interclub 5.45pm (Summer only)

        Club Doubles League 5.45pm (Winter only)

THURSDAY:   Club Doubles League 6pm (Summer only)

SATURDAY:   Primary Schools 8.45am 11.45am (Summer only)

   9am Drop In tennis 4-10 (Summer only)
   Secondary Schools 12 Noon-2pm
   Social Tennis (1pm Winter 2pm Summer)

SUNDAY:   Veterans Doubles League 9:45am (Winter Only)